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The7 — Website and eCommerce Builder for WordPress


Compatible with WordPress 6.4.x and WooCommerce 8.6.x.
100% performance by GTMetrix speed test | Skip to changelog

#1 Best-Selling Elementor Theme on ThemeForest.net
Pre-Made Demo Wobsites to Kick-Start Your Project
Extended WooCommerce Integration
The7 is FAST!
Full Site Builder
Custom Widgets
Comprehensive Design System and Theme Style
Simple Custom Post Type Builder
WPBakery Page Builder and Ultimate Addons
Other Features

The7 - the Most Customizable Theme on the Market

The7 is the most customizable WordPress, Elementor, and WooCommerce theme available on the market up to date. It gives you creative freedom that no other theme can match. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, a website owner, a creative professional, or a digital agency - The7 offers tremendous power and unparalleled value to everyone.

The7 is designed to work in synergy with Elementor and WooCommerce. But it is so much more than the sum of the parts!
If you have ever tried to build a website header or customize a product page with vanilla Elementor, you know what pain it is. But not with The7.
We have crafted a comprehensive set of tools to build unique headers, product lists, and individual pages - you can target literally any part of your website. And do so without writing a single line of code.

You will not find a theme, a plugin, or any other tool that can match the level of customization The7 offers.

The7 packs all the features you expect from a modern multipurpose theme and much more! Here are some of them:

#1 Selling Theme for Elementor on ThemeForest.net

The7 is the most popular theme for Elementor on ThemeForest. It is trusted by over 270,000 users. And this, in turn, means that The7 is very well tested, dependable, and offers features that other themes do not have.
Moreover, it is fully compatible with PRO Elements - Elementor Pro free alternative. So you can save some serious $$ on it!
Therefore The7 is the best choice if you are looking for an Elementor theme.

It is FAST!

Multipurpose WordPress themes are inherently slow. This makes sense, as the more features (often unused) you have, the slower your website becomes.
The7 features deep integration with the free Fast Velocity Fast Minify plugin. It optimizes the website’s HTML, CSS, and JS code page-by-page, which results in wickedly fast websites and excellent Google Page Speed ratings.

Pre-made Websites to Kick-Start Your Project

Pre-made Websites (or Demo Sites) not only showcase the theme features and capabilities but can also be used as a foundation for your website. You can mix and match them, install and uninstall, import individual pages, and fully customize them to your needs and likings. Check them out here.

Complete Site Builder

Elementor is a great page builder. However, it falls flat on its back when it comes to building a header or customizing a WooCommerce page.
We have extended the Elementor with new widgets and capabilities that let you build modern dynamic headers, interactive mega menus, hero sections, sliders, customize your WooCommerce and archive pages, and much more!

Comprehensive Design System and Theme Style

The Design System feature allows the quick change of the typography and colors across an entire website.
And advanced Theme Style editing lets you target the default styles of your website. E.g., general typography, headings, buttons, forms, etc.
In practice, this means that you can install a pre-made website and quickly customize it to fit your design needs, which is a further quality-of-life improvement not available when using vanilla Elementor.

Bespoke Widgets

We have altered many standard widgets and created a whole range of new ones (we call them “The7 Elements”) in order to enhance and extend the Elementor.
The7 Elements includes (but is not limited to): 26 general content widgets (full list and demo are available here), 24 WooCommerce widgets, and 22 Theme Builder widgets.

Simple Custom Post Type Builder

Like many other themes, The7 always came with built-in post types for a portfolio, team, clients, etc. But what if you need to alter an existing post type or make a duplicate?
In the new version, we’ve gone a bit further and created a very simple post type builder. Now you can edit existing or create your own post types and display them with our universal masonry, list, grid, and carousel widgets. What’s more, our post types are fully compatible with the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin. So the possibilities are truly limitless. And no coding is required!

Extended WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce software on the planet. And The7 takes it to a whole new level. Your online shop no longer has to look like many others! You can create fully custom storefronts, product pages, product lists, shopping cart, checkout, and more! Again, this is not something available in other Elementor themes.
Oh, and have we mentioned the advanced product filters available only in The7?

WPBakery Page Builder and Ultimate Addons Are Not Forgotten

WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) was THE page builder for WordPress once. And Ultimate Addons was the ultimate extension for it. Times have changed, but WPB still has a strong following. And though we are focused mainly on Elementor nowadays, The7 remains the most popular choice for this page builder.

Free Updates and Support

Since its first release in 2013, we’ve constantly been updating The7 to ensure its compatibility with the newest WordPress, introducing new features, etc. These updates are free for all The7 buyers.
We also provide free customer support even when your support period on ThemeForest is expired. (Provided you are not abusing it.)
No recurring membership or other hidden fees!

White Labeling Tool

The white labeling tool allows you to rename The7, change its thumbnail, theme info, etc. This feature is handy if you want to customize The7 with your own branding.

Multilingual and Translation Ready

The7 is 100% translation ready. In fact, it is already translated into 10+ languages. And if you want to build a multilingual website, the theme is fully compatible with the widely popular WPML plugin.

SEO-ready and Mobile Friendly

The theme is compatible with a wide range of search engine optimization plugins, including Yoast SEO. It is also certified by Google as mobile-friendly.

$174+ Worth of Premium Plugins Included

The following premium plugins come bundled with The7 for free: Slider Revolution, WPBakery Page Builder, Ultimate Addons for WPB, Convert Plus, and Go Pricing Tables.
Please note that you get these plugins and permission to use them on your The7-powered website, but you don’t receive dedicated licenses, demo content, etc. This is true for ALL themes on ThemeForest.

Discount Built Into the Price

We took our marketing budget and decided that instead of spending it on paid reviews and fake comments, we would pass it down to our customers as a discount. Therefore The7 is up to 44% cheaper than other top-selling themes on ThemeForest.

… and much, much more!

Need some help?

Have you faced a problem? No worries – our premium-class customer support team is always there to help you at https://support.dream-theme.com/

Please note that:
1. Support requests are being processed on business days from 8:00 to 17:00 (GMT 0.0), (usually) within 24h, in the order, they were received.
2. Requests received via comments, personal messages, email, Twitter, or FaceBook will take much longer time to process and can even be not processed at all!

Recent updates

v.11.11.1 (Feb 23, 2024)

1. Added the ability to include videos in the Product Images widget.
2. Improved the button stretch feature in the Loop Add to Cart.
3. Updated the es_ES language file.
4. Enhanced the styles for variations in the Loop Add to Cart.
5. The "Twitter" icon changed for the "X" in old WPB shortcodes.

Bug Fixes:
1. Made the default "Add to Cart" label in "The7 Add to Cart" widget translatable.
2. Fixed the issue where Safari jumps to the top after closing the widget menu cart popup.
3. Resolved the issue where the custom settings tab shows up even when the Custom style is not selected in the "Button Appearance" field in WPB.
4. Fixed the product image loop overlay animation.
5. Addressed the issue where native Elementor slides are hidden.
6. Corrected the issue where headings don't accept line-height from The7 Typography.
7. Fixed the gap between container elements not working with fit content.

v.11.11.0 (Jan 26, 2024)

New Features:
1. Introduced a Menu Toggle widget.
2. Launched The7 loop templates library.

1. Enhanced the process to remove all image thumbnails if the original image was removed.
2. Improved the responsiveness of the Quantity field in the Add to Cart.

Bug Fixes:
1. Resolved minor issues in language files.
2. Fixed the issue with the character limit not functioning correctly in Elementor's Breadcrumbs widget.
3. Addressed a JavaScript error with the loyalty discount addon plugin.
4. Corrected compatibility issues with BuddyPress.
5. Solved the issue with post details icons not being visible on the newest iOS versions.
6. Fixed the problem where an external link assigned to WPB "Single Image" didn't work if the image source was also external.
7. Addressed the absence of offset and scroll-up settings in Ajax pagination in the Loop Grid.
8. In the loop product image slider, navigation will now be hidden if a product has only one image.
9. Implemented hover animation for loop product images.
10. Fixed a fatal error occurring if an overlay was deleted but its link remained in the widget.
11. Corrected the issue in the loop carousel with products, where navigation on hover was visible on all products simultaneously.

v.11.10.1 (Dec 19, 2023)

New Demo:
Elementor Product - ideal one-page starter demo to sell a single product: https://the7.io/elementor-product/

1. Added styling options for the "File Upload" input in the Elementor form.
2. Improved compatibility with PHP 8.2.

Bug Fixes:
1. Addressed the conflict between Flex-box container and Sticky section.
2. Fixed the issue where lazy-loading did not trigger for images in a tab inserted in a mega-menu.
3. Resolved the problem where The7 slider reloads on mobile devices when scrolling down.
4. Corrected the inconsistency in quantity width between the editor and frontend for the Loop add to cart widget.
5. Fixed an issue with The7 Mini cart concerning product images.
6. Resolved the non-functioning taxonomy links in Posts Masonry&Grid.
7. Fixed the issue where quantity is not considered when using the "Add to Cart" widget.

v.11.10.0 (Nov 30, 2023)

New Features:
1. Introduced the Product Images List Widget.
2. "AJAX" pagionation option was added to loops. 

1. Added a new variant of the scroller to the product image for loops.
2. Enhanced compatibility of Attributes and Taxonomy filters.

Bug Fixes:
1. Resolved an issue where using "Any [attribute]" value in a variation made the attribute invisible in the Products widget.
2. Addressed the display issue with the Before/After shortcode.
3. Fixed the problem where out-of-stock variations did not show the "Out" styling.
4. Corrected the image ratio height issue in Elementor flex containers.
5. Adjusted the incorrect positioning of default WooCommerce filters in the Collapsible sidebar.

v. (Oct 15, 2023)

Bug Fixes:
1. Addressed the issue causing an "Uncaught TypeError: count()" in "/dt-the7/inc/extensions/custom-meta-boxes/metabox-fields.php:258".
2. Resolved the problem where the "Related" source mode stopped functioning in Posts Masonry & Grid.

v.11.9.2 (Oct 10, 2023)

Updated WooCommerce templates for enhanced compatibility.

Bug Fixes:
1. Resolved the issue where the Filter bar displays incorrect categories for The7 Products.
2. Fixed the problem where the "Show drop-down cart" setting was non-functional.
3. Addressed the WPB "Single Image" issue where it doesn't open full-sized images in a lightbox.
4. Corrected the scrolling behavior of the slider.
5. Resolved the issue with The7 Product data tab widget, where in mobile/accordion mode, it jumps to the top upon click.

v.11.9.1 (Sep 22, 2023)

1. Introduced a feature in the Taxonomy filter to add a background color for the normal state.
2. Implemented a compatibility fix for the WCAPF plugin.
3. Revised the functionality of the Health Check in terms of disabled taxonomies.

Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed the issue in Text Block where the color setting doesn't affect Headings.
2. Addressed the problem in the Loop Slider with an absent setting for the number of displayed posts.
3. Enhanced the Loop Slider and Loop Grid & Masonry to ensure product overlays are properly displayed in the admin interface.
4. Resolved the issue related to button clicks within overlay templates.

v.11.9.0 (Sep 15, 2023)

New Features:
1. Introduced color attributes in the product list.
2. Added the new "The7 Loop Add to Cart" widget.
3. Launched the "The7 Loop Product Rating" widget.
4. Released new "The7 Loop Product Image" widget.
5. Integrated the dynamic content popup feature.

Updated the image widget to have the same changes in the logic of transform timings and overlay operation as in the shop image.

Bug Fixes:
1. Corrected the incorrect gap between Loop columns.
2. Fixed the issue where The7ElementorAnimation was not defined.
3. Resolved the misalignment issue in the product gallery widget appearing in the popup.
4. Fixed the Loop Masonry, where the "Pagination" tab appeared empty when the source was set to "Related".
5. Adjusted the isotope container to prevent it from having an insufficient height.
6. Resolved the problem where the image overlay template hover would hide upon load.
7. Fixed the issue that prevented the closure of WooCommerce notices.

v.11.8.1 (Aug 11, 2023)

Ensured compatibility with WooCommerce 8.0.x and WPBakery Page Builder 7.0.x.

1. Improved animations in The7 Image widget:
    - animations inside the overlay are being triggered every time (as opposed to only once);
    - separate settings for overlay fade-in and fade-out timings;
    - separate timing settings for forward and backward image transform.
2. When importing a single page and the "main menu" does not exist, the next existing menu will be displayed (as opposed to all pages).
3. Added an option to disable links in the Post taxonomies widget.

Bug Fixes:
1. Integrated "The7 Icons" into the Accordion WPB shortcode.
2. Fixed an issue where "Add to cart" doesn't work for variable products after the theme update.
3. Resolved the problem where "Exclude by term" doesn't work in the Products Category.
4. Ensures the functioning of WooCommerce products inside loop widgets, particularly the current query in categories and filters.
5. Fixed the bullets navigation problem when two Sliders are present on a page.
6. Corrected the issue where The7 widgets display variations despite being hidden in WooCommerce settings.

v.11.8.0 (July 24, 2023)

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Vulnerability Fixed: CVE-2023-32123 (PSID: 3ecb876f7b93)

New Features:
1. The7 Image widget now has the ability to choose a template to use as an overlay.
2. The7 Sale Flash widget for WooCommerce.

1. "The7" prefixes in Elementor widgets were replaced with the "7" icon.
2. Color swatches were added to the Add to Cart widget.
3. The7 Grid and Carousel widgets are now capable of displaying WooCommerce products.
4. "mod_security" check added to The7 service info.
5. Ensured compatibility with WooCommerce 7.9.0 templates.

Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed a bug in the Legacy feature where the Portfolio "Project Media" displayed cropped pixelated images.
2. Resolved rare "Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError ... \dt-the7\inc\mods\dev-tools\main-module.class.php on line 291" issue.
3. Fixed an issue with the loop Grid widget not displaying post thumbnails without scrolling the page.

Other minor improvements, fixes, and changes.

v. (July 20, 2023)

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Vulnerability Fixed: CVE-2023-32123 (PSID: 3ecb876f7b93)

Full changelog for v.11 can be found here.

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