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JNews is a theme designed to provide an “All In One” solution for every publishing need. With JNews, you can explore endless possibilities in crafting the best fully functional website. We provide 150+ Homepage Demos that are perfect for your News site, Magazine site, Blog site, Editorial site, and for all kinds of publishing websites. Also provided automatic import feature to replicate one of the JNews demos that you like with just a click.

Building your website with JNews is easy & convenient. You can lively see the changes you made and create a landing page with ease by utilizing the drag and drop in Header Builder, WPBakery Page Builder, Elementor & Customizer. JNews has fully integrated all its elements to WPBakery Page Builder, including WPBakery Page Builder Frontend Editor. JNews is also compatible with the free version of Elementor and Elementor Pro.

In compliance with Google Core Web Vital, our Code is Optimized & lightweight which makes it load blazingly fast. Get a greater result on website speed testers like Google Page Speed, Pingdom, GTmetrix, WebPageTest, Web Dev with top cache plugins, site settings, and page contents. JNews fully support Google AMP and Facebook Instant Article which will make your website load even faster across all mobile devices.

SEO becomes one of our main concerns. We show that commitment by utilizing JSON LD structured data rich snippet (rich result) which is recommended by Google for the best SEO result. Not only that, but we also provide compatibility with many SEO aspects. These features will greatly improve the SEO of your content on the fly.

JNews also provides several ways in which you can generate revenue from. The options are advertisement with Google Ads & AdSense, Online Shop with WooCommerce, Paid Post Submission, Paywall & Paid Content Subscriptions, Sponsored Posts, or you can also use Marketing Affiliate link or referral using JNews Review system. It comes with fully responsive Google AdSense, Page Level Ads, Google AMP Ads feature to ensure that your ads will display properly across all devices and screen sizes.

JNews demo include:

Feature Included into JNews


  • Responsive Design & Mobile Friendly
  • Header Builder with Live Preview
  • 7 Footer Styles
  • 10 Single Blog Templates
  • Sidefeed Layout
  • Built-in Mega Menu
  • 5 Split Content Templates


  • Carefully inspected Tag for high SEO performance
  • Share bar with social counter
  • Optimized for Google Page Speed & Core Web Vital for improving SEO
  • Website schema using JSON LD structured data rich snippet
  • Google AMP Support
  • Support SSL & HTTPS
  • Valid HTML by W3.org Validator
  • ALT Image Fallback to make sure your images have ALT tag

Performance & Code

  • Optimized Google Core Web Vitals to get maximum pagespeed performance
  • Minified Javascript & Style by Default (can be disabled)
  • Super Lightweight Page
  • Lazy load Image that reduces half of website size at the first load
  • PHP 8 Ready to improve loading time 2x faster from the older PHP version
  • Compatible with Autoptimize, WP Super Cache, and other popular WordPress cache plugins
  • Optimized Database Query to reduce query by 50%
  • Clean and easy to read code with filter & action on every element

Advertisement & Marketing

  • Marketing referral & affiliate by integrating JNews Review System
  • Easy integration with Google Ads
  • Responsive Advertisement for both Image ads & Google ads
  • Integrated Email Subscriber with Widget & WPBakery Page Builder Block
  • Support for page level ads format with Anchor & Vignette Ads.

Option & Backend

  • Very intuitive Live preview option panel (Customizer)
  • More than 700 options on Customizer which grant you limitless possibilities
  • Automatic Import will install Plugin, import content, and style to replicate demo complete with uninstall feature
  • Fully integrated with WPBakery Page Builder (Including Frontend Editor)
  • Add Thousand of fonts from Google Font, Typekit font, or your own font upload
  • Easy Translation using our own convenient translation tool
  • Video documentation access right from your backend
  • Automatic Themes Update

Social Feature

  • Collection of wide social network Share variety
  • Built in like function
  • Change value of view counter, share, and like
  • Instagram Feed widget in Footer or Header
  • Login & Register with Social Media
  • Facebook Instant Article
  • Social Button for your Social Profile
  • Social Feed Widget


  • Easy Translation with frontend translation plugin
  • Multilanguage Support with Polylang & WPML
  • RTL Support for every JNews component

Special Feature

  • Infinite Scroll for more convenient reading
  • View Counter and Popular Post
  • Live Search
  • Built in Mega Menu
  • Facebook & Discuss Comment
  • Review System comes with 3 Types
  • Community Forum by BBPress
  • Shopping Cart
  • Multiple Authors Post
  • Select & Share Text Selection
  • Reading Progress Bar & Estimate Reading Time
  • Popular WordPress Plugin Integration
  • Website Push Notification
  • Video Preview on Hover
  • Paywall System
  • Content Locker
  • Content Subscription
  • Membership
  • Pay Per Post
  • Recurring Payment
  • Audio Podcast System
  • Dark Mode Switcher
  • Gutenberg Support
  • Single Post Template Builder
  • Archive Page Template Builder
  • Category Page Template Builder
  • Frontend Post Submission
  • Autoload Next Post
  • Split Post Content
  • Truncated Mobile Article Content
  • Floating Video on Page Scroll
  • Custom Website Width
  • Custom Gallery with Advertisement
  • Inline Related Post
  • Subscribe to Download
  • Horizontal Scrolling Mobile Menu

Update Log

Version 11.2.1 : 23 January 2024

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add option to use new dropdown menu in mobile menu drawer content
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add options to filter displayed users based on specific roles on the Pay Writer Stats page
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add the WeatherAPI for the new Weather Forecast Source
- [BUG] Fix two Podcast Series options appear in Classic Editor
- [BUG] Fix Custom Font variant not working
- [BUG] Fix the margin of the Badge and Arrow icons in the header menu on the RTL theme
- [BUG] Fix the tooltips in the Header Builder on the RTL theme
- [BUG] Fixing the issue of empty content being added in JNews Hero 6 on mobile devices.
- [BUG] Fix deprecated warning on paywall
- [BUG] Fix YouTube playlist cache not working
- [BUG] Fix custom templates not working with Multilanguage
- [BUG] Fix subscriptions not automatically updated when using the WooCommerce high-performance order storage
- [BUG] Fix discount price display issue in JNews Post Package
- [PLUGIN] Update WPBakery Page Builder v7.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v11.0.8
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v11.0.4
- [PLUGIN] Update JegAI Assistant v1.2.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Pay Writer v11.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Submit v11.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v11.0.4
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Weather v11.0.2

Version 11.2.0 : 5 December 2023

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add Timezone in datePublished, dateModified, and dateCreated fields in Article JSON Schema
- [IMPROVEMENT] Changing the registered username from the email to a random username generated from the user's name in JNews - Social Login
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add Thread to social icon
- [New Demo] ESport
- [New Demo] SEO
- [PLUGIN] Update WPBakery Page Builder v7.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - JSON LD Rich Snippet v11.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Login v11.0.3

Version 11.1.5 : 13 November 2023

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add enable and disable JNews style on Gutenberg editor option on customizer
- [IMPROVEMENT] Change the Manual Pay button to Mark As Paid
- [BUG] Fix Related Post pagination not working if JNews - Gallery added in the single post
- [BUG] Fix block / column width options not work in JNews - Related Post Module
- [BUG] Fix default options in Blog Page Schema type
- [BUG] Fix undefined index view in Post Earning Status
- [BUG] Fix Enable Fix Amount Donation option issue
- [BUG] Fix double breadcrumb JSON Schema
- [BUG] Fix Twitter and Facebook share card issue
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - JSON LD Rich Snippet v11.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Pay Writer v11.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Meta Header v11.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v11.0.7

Version 11.1.3 : 25 September 2023

- [IMPROVEMENT] Change Twitter logo to Twitter X in JNews Popular Widget
- [IMPROVEMENT] Improve the User List Element style for the subscribe button
- [BUG] Fix share buttons still showing even user has not chosen the social share network
- [BUG] Avoid fatal errors when the user clears the share buttons
- [BUG] Fix social login with LinkedIn
- [BUG] Fix the JNews Module 20 layout issue if the title length is uneven
- [BUG] Fix the stretch Section in Elementor to make content overlap when Sidefeed activated
- [BUG] Prevent fatal errors on the Server Side in JNews meta header
- [BUG] Fix widget options issue with JNews Video Module
- [BUG] Fix JNews Playlist Carousel element and JNews Category Carousel element navigation issue
- [BUG] Fix sort post by view issue
- [BUG] Fix date checking on paywall frontend subscription status
- [BUG] Fix the background color of the social icon logo in the footer
- [BUG] Fix JNews Category Carousel element issue when item margin is under 16
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Meta Header v11.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v11.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Login v11.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Share v11.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v11.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - View Counter v11.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v11.0.3

Version 11.1.2 : 5 September 2023

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add TikTok account to Social Widgets
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add Line account to Social Icon Element Elementor
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add Discord and Line account to Social Icon Element WPBakery
- [IMPROVEMENT] Change Discord, Line, and Twitter logo with SVG logo in Social Icon
- [IMPROVEMENT] Change Line and Twitter logo with SVG logo in JNews - Social Share
- [IMPROVEMENT] Change Line and Twitter logo with SVG logo in JNews - Podcast Share
- [IMPROVEMENT] Change Line and Twitter logo with SVG logo in JNews - Video Share
- [IMPROVEMENT] Change Line and Twitter logo with SVG logo in JNews - AMP
- [BUG] Prevent warning error in followers count Post Meta when the user does not activate the BuddyPress Follow plugin
- [BUG] Fix conflict with the Jeg Elementor Kit plugin
- [BUG] Fix alt image on about widget
- [BUG] Fix JNews Gallery on split post issue
- [BUG] Fix max upload size for frontend submit not working
- [BUG] Fix can't save preview video from frontend submit
- [BUG] Fix featured image and preview video bug when editing post in the frontend submit
- [BUG] Fix remove button still showing even post doesn't have preview video in frontend submit
- [BUG] Fix weather auto-detect location issue
- [BUG] Fix image in Twitter card share issue
- [BUG] Fix date checking on paywall
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v11.0.6
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Weather v11.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Meta Header v11.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v11.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gallery v11.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - AMP v11.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Share v11.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v11.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v11.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update Yellow Pencil v7.6

Version 11.1.1 : 23 August 2023

- [New Demo] ArtMagz
- [New Demo] Comunite
- [IMPROVEMENT] Implement a verification system for the WP directory to ensure it's ready for import demo
- [BUG] Fix paywall user status page error when a specific date format used
- [BUG] Fixed sponsored post filter not working
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v11.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update WPBakery Page Builder v7.0

Version 11.1.0 : 9 August 2023

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add Widget Importer & Exporter plugin integration
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add an option to allow contributors and subscriber to upload media
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add sort by option for related post
- [BUG] Fix Elementor radio control style conflict
- [BUG] Fix the menu issue on the Freebie demo
- [BUG] Fix missing comment recaptcha on autoloaded post
- [BUG] Fix prevent admin access for subscriber user role
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v11.0.5
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Auto Load Post v11.0.2

Version 11.0.9 : 6 July 2023

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add TikTok to user social info
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - TikTok Feed v11.0.1
- [BUG] Fix conflict with FIFU
- [BUG] Fix wp_filesystem error

Version 11.0.8 : 6 June 2023

- [BUG] Fix the customizer style issue
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v11.0.3

Version 11.0.7 : 31 May 2023

- [BUG] Fix alignment margin image in single post issue
- [BUG] Fix false positive Google virus detection warnings
- [BUG] Fix Instagram footer error
- [BUG] Fix scroll to element triggered directly
- [BUG] Fix the sticky element style issue
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Instagram Feed v11.0.1

Version 11.0.6 : 26 May 2023

- [PLUGIN] Update WPBakery Page Builder v6.13.0

Version 11.0.5 : 14 April 2023

- [BUG] Fixed false positive virus detection warnings

Version 11.0.4 : 13 April 2023

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add margin options for wp blocks
- [IMPROVEMENT] Reduced render-blocking effect of Google Analytics 4 by optimizing loading scripts.
- [BUG] Resolved issue that caused errors on PHP versions below 7.3 due to an extra comma.
- [PLUGIN] Update JegAI Assistant v1.2.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v11.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update Revolution Slider v6.6.12
- [PLUGIN] Update Yellow Pencil v7.5.8

Version 11.0.3 : 4 April 2023

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add new speed optimization options for preloading pages
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add option to redirect to the last page after social login
- [IMPROVEMENT] Override post category permalink
- [IMPROVEMENT] Remove Google+ from JNews
- [BUG] Fix Autoload Narrow Sidebar Mobile Issue
- [BUG] Fix Facebook social counter issue
- [BUG] Fix JNews Gallery on Autoloaded Post Issue
- [BUG] Fix missing video playlist carousel when JNews - Podcast active
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Auto Load Post v11.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gallery v11.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v11.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Login v11.0.1

Version 11.0.2 : 15 March 2023

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add option to disable table theme styles
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add scrollable table option on mobile
- [BUG] Fix mobile truncate button overlapping sticky mobile ads
- [BUG] Fix video block load more on the search page
- [PLUGIN] Update JegAI Assistant v1.2.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v11.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v11.0.1

Version 11.0.1 : 28 February 2023

- [UPDATE] Improved pagination functionality for Ajax pagination mode in Archive Template
- [BUG] Fixed issue with Ajax pagination mode in Archive Template displaying posts from different tags
- [PLUGIN] Update JegAI Assistant v1.1.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Breadcrumb v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - JSON LD Rich Snippet v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - View Counter v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Share v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Meta Header v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gutenberg v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Submit v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - AMP v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Auto Load Post v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Customize Detail Category v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Extended Category Option v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Translation v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gallery v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Instagram Feed v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Tiktok Feed v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Like Button v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Bookmark v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Review v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Food Recipe v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Login v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Split v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Weather v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Webstories v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Push Notification v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Subscribe to Download v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Jannah Migration v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - JMagz Migration v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Newsmag Migration v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Newspaper Migration v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Publisher Migration v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Sahifa Migration v11.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Soledad Migration v11.0.0

Version 11.0.0 : 21 February 2023

- [NEW PLUGIN] Compatible with JegAI Assistant, Increase Productivity using the Power of AI by generating high-quality content for titles, content articles, subheadings, and any other.
- [BUG] Fix the title full width on a single video in mobile resolution
- [BUG] Fix the upload button on the meta box not showing the preview
- [BUG] Fix Virustotal Sangfor Engine Zero security warning
- [BUG] Fix the title full width on a single video in mobile resolution
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v10.0.9
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v10.0.8

Version 10.8.3 : 18 January 2023

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add more social style on AMP
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add order option on podcast page
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add recursive category query option
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add responsive behavior to post title and subtitle module
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add SKU review field
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add SKU rich snippet
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add sponsor post filter
- [IMPROVEMENT] Change podcast series order by publish date
- [IMPROVEMENT] Prevent double H1 tag on using default page template as the home page
- [IMPROVEMENT] Reset cart on purchasing paywall product
- [BUG] Fix "min read" text not translatable
- [BUG] Fix display issue for JNews - Post Next Prev element on Custom Post Template
- [BUG] Fix incorrect publish time on AMP
- [BUG] Fix issue with WordPress Download Manager plugin
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - AMP v10.0.5
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - JSON LD Rich Snippet v10.0.4
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v10.0.8
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v10.0.4
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Review v10.0.4

Version 10.8.2 : 5 December 2022

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add gradient color option for sticky header
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add YouTube playlist support on JNews - Youtube / Vimeo Playlist Element
- [BUG] Fix bbPress favorite and subscribe button
- [BUG] Fix dark mode toggle issue on customizer preview
- [BUG] Fix import demo not import footer Elementor
- [BUG] Fix system report not being copied correctly
- [BUG] Fix thumbnail unclickable on JNews - Block 35 & 36
- [BUG] Fix Tiktok icon style on AMP
- [BUG] Fix video playlist issue with local video
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - AMP v10.0.4

Version 10.8.1 : 16 November 2022

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add automatic update for Google Fonts
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add enable and disable hover option on drawer menu
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add keep open sub menu option on the drawer menu
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add nofollow option for the header button
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add unit option for Font Size and Line Height on Font Option Customizer
- [BUG] Fix the main menu element style issue on the mid or top header
- [BUG] Fix customizer issue with pay writer and view counter
- [BUG] Fix Login Processing Issue
- [BUG] Fix override like issue when using JNews - Video
- [BUG] Fix the sticky sidebar on 768 pixels width screen
- [BUG] Fix Video Carousel 4 Nav Style
- [BUG] Fix Video Carousel Category issue
- [BUG] Fix wrong class placement on JNews - Block 2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Pay Writer v10.0.5
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v10.0.8
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v10.0.7
- [PLUGIN] Update WPBakery Page Builder v6.10.0

Version 10.8.0 : 11 October 2022

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add capability to hide selected category
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add current weather data option for Aeris Weather service
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add current weather data option for OpenWeather service
- [IMPROVEMENT] Change deprecated function for Elementor 3.5.0 or later
- [BUG] Fix background image mechanism on Optimized Script Loader
- [BUG] Fix comment captcha issue
- [BUG] Fix Elementor Pro custom CSS issue
- [BUG] Fix error notice on JNews Module Block 9
- [BUG] Fix the error notice on the Widget
- [BUG] Fix gettext issue on JNews - Meta Header
- [BUG] Fix lazyload issue on JNews Module Carousel
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Meta Header v10.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Weather v10.0.4

Version 10.7.9 : 12 September 2022

- [NEW PLUGIN] Compatible with HubSpot – CRM, Email Marketing, Live Chat, Forms & Analytics
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add override rating option
- [IMPROVEMENT] New in structured data (JSON LD): Pros and cons
- [IMPROVEMENT] Showing reading progress bar on custom post template
- [BUG] Fix ad script on ajax load module
- [BUG] Fix array offset error warning on classic editor
- [BUG] Fix captcha comment issue
- [BUG] Fix the Chinese safari word-break issue on Modules 28 and 29
- [BUG] Fix the dark mode button sync issue
- [BUG] Fix the double chevron issue
- [BUG] Fix JSON LD warning issue
- [BUG] Fix missing style for single content inner on the dark scheme
- [BUG] Fix split post content on an optimized website
- [BUG] Fix the top and bottom header ads issue
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Extended Category Option v10.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - JSON LD Rich Snippet v10.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Review v10.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Split v10.0.4

Version 10.7.8 : 03 August 2022

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add ajax pagination on archive page
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add inline ad hide option if it exceeds the number of paragraphs
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add Weibo to social share
- [IMPROVEMENT] JNews CPT Dashboard Access Restriction
- [BUG] Fix the chevron CLS issue.
- [BUG] Fix the horizontal scrolling issue on the vertical layout of Video Playlist elements
- [BUG] Fix sticky search styling issue
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Share v10.0.5

Version 10.7.7 : 18 July 2022

- [NEW FEATURE] Captcha for WordPress comment
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add button to Mobile Drawer
- [IMPROVEMENT] Sync dashboard menu state with WordPress dashboard menu
- [BUG] Fix Mozilla same site cookie issue
- [BUG] Fix slider 1 styling issue on global slider CSS loaded
- [BUG] Fix slider overlay warning
- [BUG] Fix view counter tag filter query issue
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v10.0.7
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - View Counter v10.0.5

Version 10.7.6 : 7 July 2022

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add option to share image library
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add below header ad slot
- [IMPROVEMENT] Return post frontend values on submit fail
- [IMPROVEMENT] Support new BuddyPress Follow
- [BUG] Fix select share issue
- [PLUGIN] Update BuddyPress Follow v1.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Submit v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Share v10.0.4
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v10.0.6

Version 10.7.5 : 1 July 2022

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add backend custom profile picture
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add whatsapp icon on element social icon
- [BUG] Fix author archive multiple authors
- [BUG] Fix autoload post ads issue
- [BUG] Fix dashboard menu state
- [BUG] Fix Elementor random ads module issue
- [BUG] Fix multiple author post on author page
- [BUG] Fix video post featured image issue
- [BUG] Fix webp image popup issue
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Auto Load Post v10.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Translation v10.1.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v10.0.7

Version 10.7.4 : 22 June 2022

- [NEW FEATURE - REQUESTED] Autoload random post load option
- [BUG] Fix font variance and subset issue
- [BUG] Fix Photoswipe on gutenberg and JPEG format
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Auto Load Post v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v10.0.6

Version 10.7.3 : 13 June 2022

- [IMPROVEMENT] Support amp text logo
- [BUG] Fix AMP inline ad not working
- [BUG] Fix autoload separator ads issue
- [BUG] Fix social callback issue
- [BUG] Fix sticky header issue on mobile to desktop
- [BUG] Fix tooltipster issue
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - AMP v10.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Auto Load Post v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Bookmark v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Review v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Login v10.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Subscribe to Download v10.0.1

Version 10.7.2 : 31 May 2022

- [BUG] Fix plugin update not appearing

Version 10.7.1 : 30 May 2022

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add Google Analytics 4 support
- [IMPROVEMENT] Post meta element support both date option
- [BUG] Fix import demo page issue on child theme with custom version
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - AMP v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v10.0.5
- [PLUGIN] Update Revolution Slider v6.5.24

Version 10.7.0 : 23 May 2022

- [IMPROVEMENT] Improvement on import demo 27% faster
- [IMPROVEMENT] New Lightweight Dashboard Page
- [IMPROVEMENT] REST API Implementation
- [IMPROVEMENT] Smaller theme size
- [NEW FEATURE] Demo scheme style can be easily changed
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Translation v10.1.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Jannah Migration v10.1.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - JMagz Migration v10.1.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Newsmag Migration v10.1.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Newspaper Migration v10.1.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Publisher Migration v10.1.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Sahifa Migration v10.1.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Soledad Migration v10.1.0

Version 10.6.4 : 17 May 2022

- [IMPROVEMENT] OpenWeather geolocation API
- [BUG] Fix duplicate social counter issue
- [BUG] Fix module query undefine issue
- [BUG] Fix paywall WCS not activate subscription
- [BUG] Fix post using template override on disable
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v10.0.6
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Weather v10.0.3

Version 10.6.3 : 10 May 2022

- [BUG] Fix custom date archive template issue
- [BUG] Fix Elementor Deprecated Register Control Warning
- [BUG] Fix Food Recipe Color on dark mode
- [BUG] Fix odnoklassniki social share issue
- [BUG] Fix scroll to element issue
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Food Recipe v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Share v10.0.3

Version 10.6.2 : 20 April 2022

- [BUG] Fix Elementor template FOUC issue
- [BUG] Fix responsive issue on Table Of Content element
- [BUG] Fix RSS fallback image not showing in Elementor
- [BUG] Fix unable save JNews translate with WPML
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Translation v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Split v10.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update Yellow Pencil v7.5.6

Version 10.6.1 : 14 April 2022

- [IMPROVEMENT] Custom element role for JNews elements
- [IMPROVEMENT] Support youtube start end url query on featured video
- [BUG]: Fix module header filter including unrelated included post
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v10.0.5
- [PLUGIN] Update WPBakery Page Builder v6.9.0

Version 10.6.0 : 12 April 2022

- [IMPROVEMENT] Support WooCommerce Subscriptions payment for JNews Paywall
- [BUG] Fix feed and REST API not truncated
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v10.0.4
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Webstories v10.0.1

Version 10.5.2 : 5 April 2022

- [BUG] Fix editor error on using WPBakery custom element role
- [BUG] Fix featured video URL not shown
- [BUG] Fix WPBakery archive template style not printed
- [PLUGIN] Update Revolution Slider v6.5.19
- [PLUGIN] Update WPBakery Page Builder v6.8.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update Yellow Pencil v7.5.5

Version 10.5.1 : 30 February 2022

- [BUG] Fix client cookies issue

Version 10.5.0 : 28 March 2022

- [NEW PLUGIN] JNews - Webstories v10.0.0
- [NEW FEATURE] Video length and hover to preview for module video carousel
- [NEW FEATURE] Add free option for paywall
- [NEW FEATURE] Add a paywall video preview option for the post video format
- [NEW FEATURE] Auto-Switching Dark Mode
- [NEW FEATURE] Dark Mode as the default mode
- [NEW FEATURE] JNews Webstories
- [BUG] Fix warning PHP notice on User List Element
- [BUG] Fix warning PHP notice on View Counter
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v10.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v10.0.5
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - View Counter v10.0.4

Version 10.1.4 : 15 March 2022

- [IMPROVEMENT] Changed module query behavior
- [IMPROVEMENT] Support pay writer Arab word count
- [BUG] Fix crypto Elementor page edit issue
- [BUG] Fix Post Carousel 2 dark mode issue
- [BUG] Fix WPBakery column id not set
- [BUG] Fix WPBakery post block elements attribute
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Pay Writer v10.0.4
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v10.0.4
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Weather v10.0.2

Version 10.1.3 : 18 February 2022

- [BUG] Fix Polylang issue

Version 10.1.2 : 17 February 2022

- [BUG] Fix Gutenberg post not save subtitle on first save
- [BUG] Fix loading lazy attribute on normal load
- [BUG] Fix module excerpt length issue
- [BUG] Fix Module Option Abstract Child Theme Issue

Version 10.1.1 : 10 February 2022

- [BUG] Fix account page styling issue on mobile view
- [BUG] Fix admin dashboard metabox styling
- [BUG] Fix double WPBakery inline css
- [BUG] Fix home url when polylang activated
- [BUG] Fix No content JNews - News Ticker
- [BUG] Fix paywall and split post plugin conflict
- [BUG] Fix prevent photoswipe popup on caption link
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Food Recipe v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gallery v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Push Notification v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Login v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Split v10.0.2

Version 10.1.0 : 25 January 2022

- [IMPROVEMENT] Update Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch social counter
- [BUG] Fix align-text issue when scrolling
- [BUG] Fix author name not translated in author page
- [BUG] Fix conflict with FluentForms plugin
- [BUG] Fix JSON LD brand
- [BUG] Fix post package dark mode isssue
- [BUG] Fix read time meta custom post template
- [BUG] Fix widget element undefined index issue
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Submit v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - JSON LD Rich Snippet v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Meta Header v10.0.2

Version 10.0.9 : 17 January 2022

- [IMPROVEMENT] Better view counter query optimization
- [BUG] Fix ads in Module 10
- [BUG] Fix bbPress style issue
- [BUG] Fix dynamic image generator issue
- [BUG] Fix error when polylang is not activated
- [BUG] Fix image URL issue
- [BUG] Fix inline module ads issue.
- [BUG] Fix mobile scroll lag on automotive demo
- [BUG] Fix premium post issue
- [BUG] Fix rtl table text-align issue
- [BUG] Fix wrong URL lost password in popup login
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v10.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - View Counter v10.0.3

Version 10.0.8 : 4 January 2022

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add Twitch social author
- [BUG] Fix home URL with Polylang plugin
- [BUG] Fix Image CLS issue
- [BUG] Fix JNews - Block Link Element issue
- [BUG] Fix JNews - Migration Newspaper not pull some fields
- [BUG] Fix no cookie zoom issue
- [BUG] Fix product image disappear when use JNews - Podcast plugin
- [BUG] Fix table text-align issue
- [BUG] Fix unable to change category template issue
- [BUG] Fix WPBakery Backend not showing
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v10.0.4
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Extended Category Option v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Translation v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - JSON LD Rich Snippet v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Newspaper Migration v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Pay Writer v10.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v10.0.3

Version 10.0.7 : 22 December 2021

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add category template support for Polylang
- [IMPROVEMENT] Replace jScrollPane libraries
- [BUG] Fix cart icon color on darkmode
- [BUG] Fix wrong home url when polylang activated
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Customize Detail Category v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gutenberg v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update Revolution Slider v6.5.12
- [PLUGIN] Update WPBakery Page Builder v6.8.0
- [PLUGIN] Update Yellow Pencil v7.5.3

Version 10.0.6 : 7 December 2021

- [NEW FEATURE] Capability to enable/disable ads in specific posts
- [NEW FEATURE] Capability to remove ads for subscribe or unlock user
- [NEW FEATURE] Override post template by category
- [BUG] Fix Icon Pencil issue
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v10.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Extended Category Option v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v10.0.1

Version 10.0.5 : 2 December 2021

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add hooks to social callback url
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add HTML element to drawer content
- [BUG] Fix Below Mobile Header Menu Background Color issue
- [BUG] Fix excerpt showing shortcode
- [BUG] Fix image upload conflict with litespeed plugin
- [BUG] Fix SERP publish time issue
- [BUG] Fix toggle button Vafpress issue
- [BUG] Fix widget issue
- [BUG] Fix zoom button got reset when scrolling on mobile device
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Meta Header v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Pay Writer v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Login v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v10.0.2

Version 10.0.4 : 23 November 2021

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add WPML view counter query
- [IMPROVEMENT] Optimized Script Loader to use Exclude scripts from Autoptimize
- [IMPROVEMENT] WP Bakery column gap compatibility
- [BUG] Bring account page `get_current_page()` functions back
- [BUG] Fix a non-numeric value issue
- [BUG] Fix ajax query duplicate post issue.
- [BUG] Fix Breadcrumb section on RTL mode
- [BUG] Fix email share issue
- [BUG] Fix Gallery section on RTL mode
- [BUG] Fix gravatar URL in AMP mode
- [BUG] Fix Hero Block issue in IOS
- [BUG] Fix jetpack view counter only returns last 30 days view
- [BUG] Fix missing translation datepicker
- [BUG] Fix Pay Writer section on RTL mode
- [BUG] Fix random ads position issue on elementor module
- [BUG] Fix registration default role issue
- [BUG] Fix Review section on RTL mode
- [BUG] Fix script ads not working on sticky sidebar
- [BUG] Fix shortcode ads issue in script ads options
- [BUG] Fix social share issue on video post template
- [BUG] Fix Split Post Bottom Navigation issue
- [BUG] Fix Split Post section on RTL mode
- [BUG] Fix video playlist embed code issue
- [BUG] Fix view counter not update on cached page
- [BUG] Fix view counter notice issue
- [BUG] Fix Weather Forecast Cache not working
- [BUG] Fix widget from another plugin issue
- [BUG] Fix WPForms input select issue
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - AMP v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Breadcrumb v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gallery v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Pay Writer v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Review v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Share v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Split v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - View Counter v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Weather v10.0.1

Version 10.0.3 : 15 October 2021

- [BUG] Fix issue zoom button class always appears even when the zoom button is disabled
- [BUG] Fix speed booster console error, update jquery exclusion to include WordPress 5.6 jquery.min.js

Version 10.0.2 : 13 October 2021

- [IMPROVEMENT] Update license system callback for custom admin url
- [BUG] Fix module view meta issue
- [BUG] Fix warning PHP notice on page asset loader
- [BUG] Fix missing translation in view counter plugin
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Share v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - View Counter v10.0.1

Version 10.0.1 : 11 October 2021

- [BUG] Fix customzier issue
- [BUG] Fix license issue

Version 10.0.0 : 11 October 2021

- [NEW PLUGIN] JNews - Pay Writer v10.0.0
- [IMPROVEMENT] JNews - View Counter : Added statistic page to the account page to allow users to see from there what is popular.
- [IMPROVEMENT] JNews - View Counter : Option to set counts interval
- [IMPROVEMENT] JNews - View Counter : Excluding counts from visitors: bots, logged in users, selected user roles
- [IMPROVEMENT] JNews - View Counter : Excluding users by IPs
- [IMPROVEMENT] JNews - View Counter : Database queries are regenerated from scratch for optimization.
- [IMPROVEMENT] JNews - View Counter : Added the ability to limit logged data
- [IMPROVEMENT] Sync WPML translated post to the main language counter
- [IMPROVEMENT] Shortcode option in Inline Module Advertisement (Category Ads)
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add bookmark button to Post meta view element
- [BUG] Fix Account Page for Multi Language or Polylang
- [BUG] Fix header filter issue on WPML post
- [BUG] Fix Double Sticky Sidebar issue when scrolling up the page
- [BUG] Fix custom typography issue
- [BUG] Fix missing preview profile picture on edit account form
- [BUG] Fix stripe table color on dark mode
- [BUG] Fix zoom button content issue
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Breadcrumb v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - JSON LD Rich Snippet v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - View Counter v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Share v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Meta Header v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gutenberg v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Submit v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - AMP v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Auto Load Post v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Customize Detail Category v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Extended Category Option v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Translation v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gallery v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Instagram Feed v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Tiktok Feed v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Like Button v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Bookmark v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Review v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Food Recipe v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Login v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Split v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Weather v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Push Notification v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Subscribe to Download v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Jannah Migration v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - JMagz Migration v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Newsmag Migration v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Newspaper Migration v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Publisher Migration v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Sahifa Migration v10.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Soledad Migration v10.0.0

Version 9.0.6 : 21 September 2021

- [IMPROVEMENT] Update animated webp
- [IMPROVEMENT] Elementor: '_content_template' is deprecated, use `content_template()` instead
- [BUG] Fix warning undefined index in Elementor editor
- [BUG] Fix deprecated block_categories hook
- [BUG] Fix module latest modified filter option
- [BUG] Fix Share Title issue
- [BUG] Fix zoom button issue
- [BUG] Fix: Undefined index warning message in JNews - Essential
- [BUG] Fix Video Only post format when sorted by View Counter issue
- [BUG] Fix zoom issue on using floating share bar.
- [BUG] Remove unsupported featured image module gallery size option.
- [BUG] Fix Main Menu with Gutenberg plugin issue
- [BUG] Fix Paywall error on WP Bakery frontend editor
- [BUG] Fix Footer Menu in Safari
- [BUG] Fix preview video in post editor (admin dashboard), cannot preview if URL has a parameters
- [BUG] Fix preview video if is a URL (submit post in admin dashboard, and check in frontend submit)
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v9.0.5
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v9.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v9.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Instagram v9.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v9.0.4
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gutenberg v9.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Share v9.0.2

Version 9.0.5 : 26 August 2021

- [BUG] Fix pagination style
- [BUG] Fix Active License in Bookmark Option issue
- [BUG] Fix editor with full dark mode issue
- [BUG] Fix missing translation in frontend translation plugin
- [BUG] Fix add video to favorite issue
- [BUG] Fix string login button issue
- [BUG] Fix Photoswipe issue
- [BUG] Fix popup login on autoload post    
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Bookmark v9.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Translation v9.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v9.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v9.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v9.0.4
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Auto Load Post v9.0.1

Version 9.0.4 : 23 July 2021

- [IMPROVEMENT] Compatibility with WordPress 5.8
- [IMPROVEMENT] Completely Disable Breadcrumbs
- [BUG] Fix Ajax Pagination on Index Page and Search page
- [BUG] Fix Vimeo featured video issue
- [BUG] Fix issue next/prev after switch fullscreen
- [BUG] Fix JNews Ticker conflict with Elementor
- [BUG] Fix chaining static method in PHP 5.6 issue
- [BUG] Fix update notification style
- [BUG] Fix Welcome Email Editor compatibility issue
- [BUG] Fix Call to a member function get_cart() on null in JNews - Paywall
- [BUG] Fix single post override option issue
- [BUG] Fix error message when WordPress checks for latest theme or plugin versions.
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v9.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gallery v9.0.4
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - AMP v9.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Bookmark v9.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v9.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Food Recipe v9.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Translation v9.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Meta Header v9.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Review v9.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Share v9.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Split v9.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v9.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update WPBakery Page Builder v6.7.0

Version 9.0.3 : 7 July 2021

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add recipeYield schema
- [BUG] Fix 3 dot toggle header filter
- [BUG] Fix Gutenberg Text Font issue
- [BUG] Fix post img align on mobile
- [BUG] Fix "Choose icon" option  on menu section
- [BUG] Fix issue where the gallery didn't show up when not logged in.
- [BUG] Fix issue on video playlist element
- [BUG] Fix missing weather widget in Elementor issue
- [BUG] Fix missing review widget in Elementor issue
- [BUG] Fix warning message on frontend package
- [BUG] Fix warning on jnews update
- [BUG] Fix podcast share position in media menu section
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Submit v9.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Food Recipe v9.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Weather v9.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Review v9.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v9.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gallery v9.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v9.0.2

Version 9.0.2 : 17 June 2021

- [NEW FEATURE] More Ads slot area, parallax ads in article
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add new translation string
- [IMPROVEMENT] Integrate guest author social information in author page
- [BUG] Fix flashing floating video
- [BUG] Fix block link element warning issue
- [BUG] Remove isset shorthand
- [BUG] Fix missing style dependencies
- [BUG] Fix hero skew style issue when slider active
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Translation v9.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v9.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gallery v9.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Split v9.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v9.0.1

Version 9.0.1 : 14 June 2021

- [BUG] Fix content issue on module 24
- [BUG] Fix gallery preview issue
- [BUG] Fix review not display issue
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gallery v9.0.1

Version 9.0.0 : 14 June 2021

- [NEW FEATURE] Speed booster using Optimized Script Loader
- [NEW FEATURE] Add RSS feed element
- [NEW PLUGIN] JNews - Bookmark v9.0.0
- [IMPROVEMENT] Optimized elements to match largest content elements
- [IMPROVEMENT] Optimized JavaScript and CSS loader
- [IMPROVEMENT] Optimized JavaScript execution
- [IMPROVEMENT] Replace several JavaScript libraries
- [IMPROVEMENT] Implementing logical efficiency in the code
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Tiktok Feed v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - AMP v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Auto Load Post v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Breadcrumb v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Customize Detail Category v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Food Recipe v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Translation v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Submit v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gallery v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gutenberg v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Instagram Feed v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - JSON LD Rich Snippet v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Like Button v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Meta Header v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Jannah Migration v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - JMagz Migration v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Newsmag Migration v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Newspaper Migration v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Publisher Migration v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Sahifa Migration v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Soledad Migration v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Extended Category Option v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Push Notification v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Review v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Login v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Share v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Split v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Subscribe to Download v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - View Counter v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Weather v9.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v9.0.0

Version 8.1.0 : 8 June 2021

- [IMPROVEMENT] Upgrade view counter table
- [IMPROVEMENT] Update theme framework
- [BUG] Fix facebook comment count issue
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v8.0.4
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v8.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - View Counter v8.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v8.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update Yellow Pencil v7.4.5
- [PLUGIN] Update Revolution Slider v6.4.11

Version 8.0.8 : 2 June 2021

- [BUG] Fix metabox issue

Version 8.0.7 : 31 May 2021

- [IMPROVEMENT] Improve best practices and accessibility
- [BUG] Fix author page issue
- [BUG] Fix hook conflict
- [BUG] Fix Megamenu setting issue
- [BUG] Fix Breadcumb on AMP issue
- [BUG] Missing metabox in gutenberg editor
- [BUG] Fix search modal expand in dark mode issue
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - AMP v8.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gallery v8.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Split v8.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v8.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Auto Load Next Post v8.0.1

Version 8.0.6 : 20 May 2021

- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v8.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Extended Category Option v8.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Submit v8.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gutenberg v8.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Instagram Feed v8.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Like Button v8.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v8.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v8.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Login v8.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Share v8.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Split v8.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v8.0.4
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - View Counter v8.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Review v8.0.2
- [BUG] Fix sanitize data
- [BUG] Fix XSS vulnerability on category mega menu

Version 8.0.5 : 19 May 2021

- [IMPROVEMENT] Integrate guest author in author page
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v8.0.3
- [BUG] Fix Customizer dropdown menu labeling
- [BUG] Fix Playit demo page element not align

Version 8.0.4 : 4 May 2021

- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - AMP v8.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Submit v8.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v8.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v8.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v8.0.1
- [BUG] Fix set darkmode default color for AMP page
- [BUG] Fix Podcast blocks shortcode issue
- [BUG] Fix Video carousel 1 responsive issue

Version 8.0.3 : 12 April 2021

- [IMPROVEMENT] Add breadcrumb custom archive template translate string
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add button element for mobile in header builder
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add author as user default role for registration
- [BUG] Fix back to top css issue on darkmode in lifestyle demo
- [BUG] Fix script issue on tag page
- [BUG] Fix slider 8 CSS issue
- [BUG] Fix horizontal playlist CSS issue
- [BUG] Fix sort by popular post on Video Carousel
- [BUG] Fix include post by id ajax
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Translation v8.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v8.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Submit v8.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Weather v8.0.1

Version 8.0.2 : 29 March 2021

- [BUG] Fix deprecation warning issue on PHP 8.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Review v8.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Food Recipe v8.0.1

Version 8.0.1 : 18 March 2021

- [IMPROVEMENT] Compatible with WordPress 5.7
- [PLUGIN] Update WPBakery Page Builder v6.6.0
- [PLUGIN] Update Revolution Slider v6.4.4
- [PLUGIN] Update Yellow Pencil v7.4.0

Version 8.0.0 : 16 March 2021

- [NEW FEATURE] Paywall & content subscription system for podcast
- [NEW FEATURE] Horizontal scroll menu for mobile view
- [NEW FEATURE] Ajax load more pagination for Category, Index, Search and Author page
- [NEW FEATURE] Add table of content navigation for split post
- [NEW FEATURE] 4 new Block Modules added for Podcast
- [NEW FEATURE] 4 new Block Episodes added for Podcast
- [NEW FEATURE] 1 new Block Element added for Podcast
- [NEW PLUGIN] JNews - Podcast v8.0.0
- [NEW PLUGIN] JNews - Tiktok Feed v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - AMP v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Auto Load Post v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Breadcrumb v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Customize Detail Category v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Food Recipe v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Translation v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Frontend Submit v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gallery v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gutenberg v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Instagram Feed v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - JSON LD Rich Snippet v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Like Button v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Meta Header v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Jannah Migration v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - JMagz Migration v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Newsmag Migration v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Newspaper Migration v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Publisher Migration v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Sahifa Migration v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Soledad Migration v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Extended Category Option v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Push Notification v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Review v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Login v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Share v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Split v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Subscribe to Download v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - View Counter v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Weather v8.0.0
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v8.0.0

Find our full update history here.


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