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Guide to Annual Confirmation of Pensioners (ACOP) for Pensioners Residing Abroad

According to Social Security System: Effective October 30, 2017, Compliance with the Annual Confirmation of Pensioners (ACOP) is no longer required from SSS Retiree Pensioners residing in the Philippines. These pensioners are no longer required to go to an SSS branch to present themselves and their IDs to comply with ACOP. ACOP maybe tiresome and inconvenient especially for those who are pensioners residing abroad because of limited SSS Branches overseas. Here is a Guide to Annual Confirmation of Pensioners (ACOP) for Pensioners Residing Abroad covering on how to comply ACOP via Skype Video conference.

However, the following pensioners are still required to comply with ACOP. Corresponding to each type of pensioner is their designated ACOP Compliance schedule:


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Pensioners can file their ACOP within 6 months before their scheduled date of compliance.

If you are a Pensioner residing abroad and is unable to visit an SSS Branch, here’s how to file your Annual Confirmation of Pensioner’s (ACOP) form, via documents or via Skype video call. Read this for more information.

Guide to Annual Confirmation of Pensioners (ACOP) for Pensioners Residing Abroad

Option 1: ACOP via Postal Mail
Make sure to prepare and complete the required documents for ACOP before sending it via postal mail. If you plan to comply to ACOP via postal mail, send your documents a month before your birth month so your documents will arrive early and to ensure no delay of your pension.

Required Documents:
Filled-out and signed Annual Confirmation of Pensioner’s (ACOP) Form
Photocopy of at least 2 valid photo IDs with signature.
Can be Philippine SSS ID, UMID ID, Passport, Driver’s license, or any ID issued by a government agency or institution in the country where you live
If you do not have valid IDs, submit a Certificate of Appearance issued by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate in the country where you are.
Photocopy of your recent Medical Certificate, or any recent laboratory report or physical exam report or any recent diagnostic report or Certification from retirement home, nursing facility, hospital, correctional institution, penitentiary or rehabilitation center, if you’re confined in any of these institutions
If you’re a Total Disability Pensioner: Complete physical examination report done within 3 months prior to date of ACOP submission and certified by a physician, indicating license number and clinic address and Laboratory or other diagnostic examination results applicable to disability
Where to Submit your ACOP Documents:
Via Postal Mail.
Address the Mail to
SSS Members Assistance Center – ACOP
SSS Diliman Branch
SSS Bldg., East Avenue
Diliman, Quezon City 1100

Via Email
Scan all your documents and attach them to your email.
Email to: ofw.relations@sss.gov.ph
Email Subject: ACOP
Via Philippine SSS representative office abroad
submit all your documents in person at any Philippine SSS representative office abroad

Option 2: ACOP via Skype Video Conference
You can conveniently comply to Annual Confirmation of Pensioner via Skype Video conference and no longer need to prepare several documents and snail mail your documents.

You are eligible to do ACOP via Skype if:
You have a Skype account
You have a good and reliable internet connection
You are in a well lit area
And a device to connect with Skype (either PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone) that has decent camera pixel quality
Just be ready with your personal information related to your SSS Pension.

Schedule of SSS Skype Video Call:
Philippine time from Monday to Friday, 12:00AM to 11:00PM
How to Schedule an Appointment for ACOP Skype Video conference?
To set a schedule, send an email to: ofw.relations@sss.gov.ph
then put an Email Subject Skype (ACOP), Name, SSS No.
Example: Skype (ACOP), JUANA DELA CRUZ, 03-123456-78
Include the following information in your email:

If you’re a Retiree Pensioner:

1. Pensioner Type: Retiree Pensioner
2. Name of Pensioner
2. Date of birth
3. SSS number
4. Dependents’ names , Birthday (if any)
5. Email address, mobile number and landline number
6. Complete address (overseas and Philippine address)
7. Skype username to be used in video call
8. Preferred schedule of video call, in Philippine time

If you’re a Survivor Pensioner:

1. Pensioner Type: Survivor Pensioner
1. Name of Deceased Member
2. SSS Number of Deceased Member
3. Date of Birth of Deceased Member
4. Name of Pensioner
5. Date of Birth of Pensioner
6. Names of Dependents, birthday (if any)
7. Email address, Mobile number and landline number
8. Complete address (overseas and Philippine address)
9. Skype username to be used in the video call
10. Preferred date and time for video call, in Philippine time
Wait for an email response from SSS where they will send your Reference Number.
On the appointment date and time, wait for the video call from an SSS agent
Accept the video call from the SSS agent
Present your reference number and valid IDs to the SSS Representative
Warning: Non-Compliance to ACOP for the pensioners who are still required to comply will result to an automatic suspension of pension on the month after the birth month of the pensioner. Resumption of Pension shall be two months after ACOP compliance. All accrued and undeposited pension shall be deposited to the Pensioners bank account after compliance with ACOP.

To check your estimated Social Security System (SSS) pension based on your contributions and age, follow these steps:

1.Visit the SSS website: Go to www.sss.gov.ph or simply click this link. You don’t need to log in to your account to check your estimated pension.

2.Access the pension calculator:
Scroll down on the SSS home page.
Look for the section with a white background and images.
Click the third option from the left labeled “PENSION CALCULATOR”.

3.Input your details:
The pension calculator will open in a new tab.
Enter your average monthly salary credit (MSC).
Input the total number of credited years of service (the years you’ve contributed to SSS).

4.Calculate your pension:
Click the “Calculate Pension” button.
The tool will provide an approximate estimate of your future pension based on your contributions and age.

Remember that regular contributions and choosing the right retirement age are vital factors that impact your pension amount. Increasing your contributions can significantly enhance your pension. Keep in mind that policy adjustments may affect the results you receive. Understanding these basics will help you plan better for a financially secure retirement. 🌟

For more detailed scenarios and to explore different factors, you can use the SSS Pension Calculator. It allows you to adjust variables and plan for your financial future effectively. 🌐

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