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How to Receive Your SSS Number and Card: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you a Filipino employee or self-employed individual looking to secure your social security? The Social Security System (SSS) number and card are essential for accessing various benefits. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of receiving your SSS number and card hassle-free.

SSS number and card application process

Step 1: Gather Required Documents

Before you start the application process, make sure you have the necessary documents on hand. These typically include your valid ID, birth certificate, and proof of residence.

Step 2: Online Registration

  1. Visit the official SSS website ( and navigate to the online registration portal.
  2. Fill out the required personal information accurately.
  3. Create a unique username and password for your SSS online account.

Step 3: Accomplish the E-6 Form

Download and complete the E-6 form from the SSS website. This form is essential for your SSS number application. Make sure to provide accurate details to avoid delays.

Step 4: Visit the Nearest SSS Branch

Submit the accomplished E-6 form and required documents to the nearest SSS branch. This step ensures the verification of your identity and documents.

Step 5: Attend the SSS Orientation

Some SSS branches require applicants to attend a brief orientation session. This session educates you about the benefits of an SSS membership and how to maximize your contributions.

Step 6: Receive Your SSS Number

After successfully completing the previous steps, you will receive your SSS number. This is a unique identification number assigned to you for all your social security transactions.

Step 7: Receive Your SSS Card

Your SSS card serves as proof of your membership and contains your SSS number. It will be mailed to your registered address. Make sure to keep it in a safe and secure place.

FAQs About SSS Number and Card:

Q1: Is the SSS number and card application free? Yes, the application process is free of charge.

Q2: How long does it take to receive the SSS card? It may take a few weeks to a month for your SSS card to be processed and delivered.

Q3: Can I use my SSS number immediately after receiving it? Yes, you can start using your SSS number for transactions and benefits as soon as you receive it.


Securing your SSS number and card is a crucial step in ensuring your social security benefits. By following these easy steps, you’ll be on your way to enjoying the advantages of SSS membership. Remember to keep your SSS card safe and use your SSS number responsibly for a more secure future. If you have any further queries, the official SSS website provides detailed information to assist you in your journey. Start your application today and take control of your social security!

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